Gender identity

  • Hour 3 of 2-24-20
  • A continued discussion on Catholic education. Ray talks about what it will take to increase enrollment in Catholic schools again. One caller raises the point that Catholic schools do not usually provide special education, so it doesn’t make sense for her as a mom to send her child to both private and public schools. Ray Domanico acknowledges that this is surely an exception and parents are entitled to discern what is best for them.
  • Walt Heyer joins Ed Morrissey to talk about gender identity and sex change regret. In his earlier life, he went through a transition to become a woman, but realized his mistake and shares the lessons that he learned. He speaks out against the lies of the LGBT movement, and calls out the mainstream push to allow transgenders who are participating in the opposite gender’s sporting events. He reminds us that men and women are created differently, and it is abuse to allow men to compete against women. This denies basic science! A lawsuit is currently going through which is related to this topic.
  • Bishop Thomas Paprocki from the Diocese of Springfield, IL talks about the compassionate response we need to have to the gender dysphoria problem. We can’t be angry towards those who believe that the transgender movement is the proper solution, as Ed reminds us. However, as Bishop Paprocki explains, compassion does not mean accepting sin and letting someone do what they want. We need to acknowledge that gender dysphoria is a mental problem, and we can’t just shove it under the rug and not say anything. We as Catholics need to make sure they get the helpful solutions they need, just as someone who is cutting or has anorexic would be given.