Giving money to the church

  • Hour 1 of 2-13-20
  • Because of the sex abuse scandal, many have decided to no longer give to the Church. Is this you? You might feel let down and distrustful about your funds going there, so you withhold your giving. However, there are many good organizations like Catholic Charities which are tied to the dioceses in the nation which would not get your financial support. How do we decide what to do, and should we still be generous with our stewardship? Should we forgive? Fr. Paul Sullins shares his thoughts and encourages discerned balance; hear what several callers have to say. Some are adamant about still giving, while others feel the opposite way.
  • 2000 people were buried yesterday, but you wouldn’t have seen or heard it mentioned on most mainstream media sources. Why? Because these were aborted babies which were found laid around a home which belonged to an abortionist named Dr. Klopher. This is an unspeakable tragedy that should never have happened in the first place, and yet some still believe abortion should be legal? This is tragic. Don Stenberg joins the show to discuss late term abortion, and legislation surrounding it.