Go Ask Your Father February 18th – An Act of Kindness

Msgr Swetland shares with you a story of a teacher who did a small act of kindness for one of his students. Years later, he found out that his small act of kindness made a profound impact on his student.


Caller Question – Can you baptize a child that is not yours?

Caller Question – She is being accused of something, but the bible says to stay silent. What can she do?

Caller Question – How can she explain the veneration of images to non-Catholics?

Caller Question – Why does the Catholic Church not talk more about Free Masonry within the Church?

Caller Question – How can the Devil exist if God is good?

Caller Question – Why does a child need to be baptize to be brought up in the Church?

Catechetical Corner – New Creation

Caller Question – When we die, are we judge right away?