Go Ask Your Father February 26th – Keeping a Family Together

Msgr Swetland shares with you a heartwarming story of a woman who kept a whole family together through means of adoption


Caller Question – He counts 46 days of Lent, so how do we get to 40?

Caller Question – How can she give up smoking for Lent and still stay strong?

Caller Question – Would a more rigorous lent lead to more holiness?

Caller Question/Comment – Its unfair that I have to earn salvation since I did not choose to have life.

Caller Question – What does the Church teach about cremation?

Caller Question – Why do people keep ashes on their forehead after Ash Wednesday Mass?

Catechetical Corner – Ash Wednesday

Caller Question – What is a way to give alms if we don’t have money to give?

Caller Question – Should she turn her brother in for the wrong he has done?