Going to Mars

  • Hour 3 of 2-12-20
  • A continued discussion on what Starbucks has done, in which they are exploiting kids sexually and encouraging them to define their own gender. This is plain wrong, and clearly an attack from the evil one. Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons is well aware of this as a cultural issue, and he joins Drew to share his concern and disdain for what companies like Starbucks, Target, and Home Depot are doing. If you want to know what companies are supporting life and traditional marriage, you can follow 2nd Vote. They give ratings to companies according to what they support. One mom calls in and is concerned about her own child who is struggling with identity.
  •  Dr. Tom Jones is a well known astronaut and he joins Drew to talk about space, extraterrestrial life, and going to the Moon. President Trump in his State of the Union address brought up the US Artemis project, which is designed as a new space exploration initiative. Drew asks Dr. Jones if he believes in ET life, and he makes a case as to why they’re might be life outside of Earth. What do you think? Could life exist on other planets? Drew plays audio from Patrick Madrid’s show where Patrick gives his thoughts. He says that even if there if life somewhere else, it should not shake our faith and make us think that God isn’t real.