Healing Marriages: Handle Anger, Grow in Forgiveness, Be Faithful, Show Love 2.20.20

  • Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons: Resolving & preventing marital anger, and anger in children; How to heal relationships in conflict, renew couples in the sacrament of Matrimony with Christ in their relationship, build a culture of marriage; cultural detox starts with reconciliation, forgiveness, faithful, sacrificial love. 
  • Caller, Kathy: how can I determine when it’s abuse and if it’s okay to leave? Caller, Catherine: how can I help my parents re-connect? Caller, Bob: how can I reach my spouse that is pulling away?
  • Caller, Lynne: my child has anger towards my ex-husband who cheated on me. Caller, Leslie: is it good for children to see parents argue?
  • Caller, Dave: my folks were always fighting. Caller, Paul: my wife had an affair and wants to leave.