John Morales Pro-Life story

  • Hour 1 of 2-19-20
  • Jerome Mullins joins Drew to talk about presidential pardons. This is when people who are convicted are let off earlier than planned by a president. Recently, President Trump gave former IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich pardon and released him early. Many in IL are not happy about this decision because they believe that the disgraced governor should have to finish his full sentence. Blagojevich was a Democratic politician but now says that he would want to vote for President Trump in the next election. What is the standard for these decisions and what can the possible reasons be for letting someone off the hook for this? Get answers to this and more.
  • John Morales of Relevant Radio en Espanol is in studio to share his story of post abortive healing. When he was younger, his girlfriend got pregnant and he was pressured to procure an abortion. This led to years of doubt, sadness, guilt, and shame, and it was through his adoption story that he was able to find peace and mercy again. Get connected to the full story, and learn more about the pro-life movement, adoption, and the mercy of Christ which is more powerful than any sin. If you haven’t seen the 40 Film yet from Morales, find the trailer here!