Last Night’s debate

  • Hour 1 of 2-26-20
  • Last night’s CBS debate was quite a spectacle. It seemed as if the anchors couldn’t get control, and there were many Democratic candidates talking over each other. Mayor Bloomberg did slightly better than he did last week, but he still took some attacks. He was accused by Sen. Elizabeth Warren of telling a pregnant woman to “kill it,” which he denied. Sen. Bernie Sanders was jabbed for his socialist policies, and yet he continues to defend his position on Cuba and Castro. Joe Biden has had many gaffes, which included saying that there have been 150 million gun related deaths since 2007. Is he truly going to win South Carolina this Saturday? Sean Duffy, former Congressman of WI, joins Drew for a lively discussion.
  • What is the meaning and significance of holy water? Well, Fr. Rocky covers it for the first Lenten Lesson, which you can sign up for here.  As Catholics, we believe that holy water can ward off spiritual attacks from the devil. People who are aware of spiritual attack often have their home blessed with it. Fr. Nicholas Federspiel joins Drew to share more about this aspect of our faith, and he answers your questions. He is asked if Protestants can use holy water, and if lay people can bless their home with holy water.