Nevada caucus

  • Hour 1 of 2-21-20
  • A look at tomorrow’s caucus in Nevada. It appears that Sen. Bernie Sanders may get the win in that state, as Mayor Bloomberg’s debate performance was certainly lackluster. Could Sen. Sanders get the nomination? Either way, Ed Morrissey talks to Professor Frank Buckley about civility, listening to the other side, and being open to what your opponents are trying to say.
  • Christian Toto gives some recommendations for movies currently showing. He was impressed by Knives Out, a who-dun-it murder mystery which is surprisingly not condemning of the conservative side. He also gets into the movie Call of the Wild starring Harrison Ford. Toto likes that movie but explains one thing he didn’t like about it, and it has to do with dogs. Learn more about the new Indiana Jones project as well, which hopefully won’t be as bad as the last one.