Online dating/Singles and Valentines

  • Hour 1 of 2-14-20
  • Get an update on the Coronavirus with Dr. Robert Tiballi. He is asked about a possible preventative measure, and he expresses some concern because he says he doesn’t trust much out of China. How much of a chance do we have that it will get really bad in the US? What can you to do stay safe? Get answers to this and more.
  • Get to know the real St. Valentine and learn the history of St. Valentines Day. It’s far more than just roses and chocolate, and Fr. Dwight Longenecker explains in a clip from The 700 Club how this special day came about. Today, let’s do everything we can to be a positive example of what it means to live out a sacramental marriage in the world; the world needs it.
  • If you are single, have you tired online dating? Are you open to Catholic online dating? You may have heard of Catholic Match; it’s a wonderful service that connects like-minded Catholics and gets them started on a possible path to marriage. Jennifer Miller works for them, and joins the show to get you plugged in on how you can join. Remember, though, that the single life is a vocation too! You can still make a difference in the world even when it may seem like life is not moving at the pace you want.
  • Luanne Zurlo gives you hope and advice if you struggle with being single on Valentines Day. Do you feel lonely? She wrote a book called Single For A Greater Purpose, which you can check out here. Your life as a single person can still have meaning. Fr. Mike Schmitz also gives some reflections on embracing loneliness, not running away from it.