Protect Marriage, Family, Vulnerable Human Life 2.12.20

  • Jill Stanek: Nurse who called national attention to babies surviving abortion being left to die alone, testifies at Senate hearing on ‘Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act’; this should be non-partisan, unanimous in both Senate & House, it’s not about abortion; who will protect these most vulnerable humans? 
  • Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons: No fault divorce cultural crisis and the damage to mental health of spouse & children left by the one who leaves; anger, selfishness, control issues in marriage and emotionally distant spouses; the Christian view of marriage and it’s importance in healing damaged relationships.
  • Caller, Mark:  Children of divorce have a hard time knowing what love is. Caller, Jamie: How can you come back from pornography consumption? Caller, Jim: I’m divorced. how can I make a case for  reconciliation.