Reversing the Vasectomy

  • Hour 3 of 2-17-20
  • A crazy new law is being put forward in Alabama which would require men to get a mandatory vasectomy by age 50 or after their third child. Now, it probably won’t be passed, but it is meant to be an opposing political statement to the abortion laws which were passed last year, and it is meant to make a point that women will try to control men’s bodies now. Prof. Teresa Collett gives her thoughts on this, and she agrees that it is absurd and totally off the wall. However, she says that the American culture is not in a place where this legislation would truly be passed, at least right now.
  • A continued conversation on the morality of vasectomies and other procedures which oppose life. Sex is meant to always be open to life, and the Catholic Church takes a stand against these medical decisions. Thankfully, they can be reversed, and the Church encourages you to go to Confession to receive the mercy of Christ if you have had it done. One caller who is a father of 10 joins the show to say how happy he is to be open to life. Dr. John Littell also says that if you have had this operation done, until you have a reversal, it would be wise to assure that the marital act is not done during peak fertile times.