State of the Union

  • Hour 1 of 2-5-20
  • Did you catch the State of the Union address from the president? He spoke up and said that he will not stand for late term abortions anymore. Yet many Democrats showed anger towards him throughout the night; Speaker Nancy Pelosi even ripped up his speech right after. What happened to civility? Former Congressman Sean Duffy gives his thoughts and applauds President Trump for his courageous stand against abortion.
  • Drew tells you about the order of nuns that St. Faustina was part of which was meant to spread the message of mercy! The Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy was begun in Poland so that the truth of Jesus’ infinite mercy would be passed on for ages to come. When we pray the Chaplet we are entrusting our lives to Him and choosing to believe that His healing grace is more powerful than any sin in our lives.