Study shows neurological diseases increase living near major road

  • Hour 3 of 2-4-20
  • A new study has found that someone is more likely to have ALS, Alzheimers, or dementia if they live near a major road. Is this true? Dr. Sean O’Mara gives you his take, and explains how urban settings and other areas of stress are not healthy for us. We need to stay de-stressed or we will be more likely to be at risk of neurological diseases. He also looks at the Coronavirus. He says that we are lucky to be in the US which has done a good job of limiting its spread. However, healthy living and eating is going to keep us away from any problem now or in the future.
  • Hear the story of Claude Newman. This is a miraculous story of conversion and a reminder of how our lives on Earth are not permanent. We are made for heaven, and the decisions we make now shape where we will be in the time to come. If we knew what awaits us in heaven, we would want to be there this instant.