The Democratic field

  • Hour 1 of 2-17-20
  • While many Democrats are worried that Sen. Bernie Sanders will get the nomination, some are starting to see potential for Mike Bloomberg. It has been reported that Hilary Clinton might be the VP for Bloomberg, even though she doesn’t seem to be taking that rumor seriously. Hilary Clinton seemed to continue to knock Sen. Sanders, by telling Ellen on her show recently that the Democrats need to vote for someone who can actually win. Ed Morrissey joins for his insight, and gives his take on the candidates in the race for 2020. He is not too convinced that Joe Biden should be counted out yet, either. But if he did, who would scoop up the African American vote? Get answers to this and more.
  • The time for St. Joseph is now, and that is something Fr. Donald Calloway firmly believes, which is why he came out with the Consecration to St. Joseph. He says that in this culture of sin and confusion, we need to be relying on the example and love of Jesus’ earthly father more than ever. One bishop heard what Fr. Calloway was up to, and so he decided to make a very exciting announcement for his diocese. Find out who it is! You can learn more about this consecration here.