The Inner Life February 21st – Loving Your Enemy

Sunday’s Gospel. Loving Your Enemy. This is perhaps the most difficult teaching that we receive from the Lord. What does loving our enemies actually look like? Father Richard Simon joins Chuck Neff to break down this teaching, and to discuss other aspects from this upcoming Gospel reading.

Caller Story: Shares how turning the cheek can be a way to show Christ’s love, bring repentance to the other person.

Caller Story: Share how she prayed outside of an abortion clinic. She used to see those who worked for Planned Parenthood as ‘enemies’, until… she met a woman who worked there and prayed for her. Now that woman has a major pro-life ministry.

Caller Story: Shares how he was in a lawsuit with someone, but a lawyer he was in a conflict with ended up being a good friend and leading him back to the Church.