The Iowa caucus debacle

  • Hour 1 of 2-4-20
  • The Iowa caucus has turned into a debacle! It has been unknown who truly won, due to technical problems. The Democrats went up on stage towards the end of the night and did what they could to hold the audience’s attention and interest. What implications does this have for the election? Is it time to scrap the caucus once and for all? Dr. Ryan Barilleaux joins for his thoughts.
  • Msgr. James Shae joins Drew to talk about the importance of Relevant Radio and Catholic education. So many people learn and grow in their faith when they listen, and this is not something you can put a price tag on. Catholic schools like the University of Mary, where Msgr. Shae is at, is also sharing the truths of our faith. You can learn more here. Give to Relevant Radio at (877) 291-023 or