The Patrick Madrid Show: February 13, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Mother reunited with deceased daughter in VR show
  • Caller: Mark in NY says his child is required to read a book by RC Sproul in school. How should he handle this?
  • Caller: Lucy in CA shares her perspective on the virtual reality experience
  • Caller: Manny in CA asks if the VR experience to bring back a family member is similar to necromancy. Patrick explains how it is technological, not summoning spirits
  • Caller: Julia in IA asks about God’s will in relation to NFP
  • Caller: Dee in IL says that God’s ways are not our ways, that’s why it’s hard to understand sometimes. She also shares her love for the Surrender Novena
  • Caller: Joe in GA asks about a speech a bishop gave regarding his view that one issue voting distorts the call to authentic discipleship
  • Caller: Albert in CA says forgiveness is not always given and received, rather it can always be offered