The Patrick Madrid Show: February 14, 2020 – Hour 1

  • MSNBC host Joe Scarborough claimed President Trump would send in the authorities to haul him and other journalists away in handcuffs if he could
  • TN Senator Marsha Blackburn introduced legislation that punishes 15 states which currently give driver licenses to illegal immigrants, but also blocked three bills related to election security.
  • Caller: Mark in CA doesn’t think Bernie Sanders is hypocritical
  • Caller: Adam in NM says MSN Joe Scarborough’s comment is hypocritical because the media has been trying to boot Trump since he was elected
  • Caller: Michael in CA asks how we can break through false narratives and fake news agendas. How can we become humble enough to see things at face value without political filters
  • Caller: Helen in UT says the media is hypocritical and Catholics can be hypocritical when they pick and choose what beliefs to accept