The Patrick Madrid Show: February 17, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Patrick gives a historical background lesson on freemasonry
  • Confessions of a former freemason officer, converted to Catholicism
  • Caller: Fernando in FL asks about the viewpoint of the Catholic Church on suicide and having a funeral for someone who committed suicide
  • Caller: Marian in CA asks if we have to believe in Marian apparitions and what does it mean when an apparition is approved
  • Caller: Mary in AZ asks if “The Two Popes” is an appropriate movie to show high school students
  • Caller: David in PA asks if his friend is right when he said that God doesn’t punish
  • He’s been gone for eight years, but he still gets his wife flowers every Valentine’s Day
  • Caller: Joyce in WI asks if a person’s sins are forgiven if they go to confession to a priest who is a sexual abuser. Is the sacrament valid?