The Patrick Madrid Show: February 18, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Patrick discusses the conspiracy theories that Pope Francis wasn’t validly elected
  • Caller: Jeannette in IL disagrees with Patrick about the movie “The Two Popes” she didn’t analyze it so much she just accepted it as a movie and moved on with her day
  • Caller: Yolanda in IL turned the movie off just ten minutes in to watching it
  • Caller: John in IL thinks the Patrick’s view of Pope Emeritus Benedict being portrayed as “character assassination” is taking it too far
  • Patrick explains why he watched the The Two Popes on Netflix even though he strongly encouraged deleting Netflix months ago
  • Caller: Eileen in CA
  • Caller: Mike in NY relates The Two Popes to last Sunday’s gospel
  • Caller: Joe in AZ asks Patrick to explain the Dubia (about divorce and remarriage)