The Patrick Madrid Show: February 18, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy due to sex-abuse lawsuits
  • Caller: MaryAnne in NJ asks what Patrick thinks hypothetically about a different history…if God didn’t create us
  • Caller: Mike in WI says even though the sexual abuse is bad, it doesn’t mean we should completely abandon the institution. He spent 32 years in the military and they still haven’t solved the rape issue
  • Caller: Ann in FL says the Boy Scout court case will all come down to the money. The boy scouts will have a more expensive lawyer, and there will be fraudulent claims.
  • Caller: Ona in VA says we need to get young people away from new media. We need to encourage the good true and beautiful
  • Caller: Martha in CA asks if it is true that adults have guardian angels
  • Caller: Melanie in NV is in college and asks for recommendations on how to live her Faith more fully and fruitfully