The Patrick Madrid Show: February 21, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Marie in IL continues her call from the previous hour about her daughter who is same-sex attracted
  • Caller: Judy in SC asks why Mary had to remain a virgin after she had Jesus
  • Caller: Bill in WI asks Patrick advice on how to stay calm when talking to someone and feeling angry. Patrick explains how to eradicate vice by cultivating the opposing virtue
  • Caller: Tress in IL asks about confessing emotions versus capital sins
  • Caller: Judy in CA asks for clarification on Jesus’ first miracle. She has heard he did miracles as a child but also that the wedding feast at Cana was the first
  • Caller: Tito in CA asks where in the Bible it says there must be a priest as a witness to marriage
  • Caller: Katherine in MS asks about Mark 6 alluding to Mary and the brother of James saying Jesus had brothers
  • Caller: Bob in WI asks for help understanding Mark 4:12
  • Caller: Sherry in CA asks for help explaining to her family member that she doesn’t need to baptize her child twice in two different rites of the Catholic Church