The Patrick Madrid Show: February 24, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Stephanie in CA asks why Ash Wednesday isn’t a holy day of obligation and why some people have “cheat days” during Lent. Patrick discusses the various ways of offering penance
  • Caller: Kathy in NM went to confession and the priest was in a rush and didn’t say the words of absolution
  • Caller: Rudy in WI heard someone say that the Holy Spirit removed Jesus from Mary’s womb and she didn’t give birth “naturally”
  • Caller: Katherine in IL is confused why the Virgin Mary often appears somewhat sad in her apparitions. Shouldn’t she have joy coming from Heaven?
  • Caller: Eva in NV is 9 and was confused when he heard that God loved the Devil
  • Caller: Monica in CA follows up on her previous call a while ago regarding her husband’s issues. He is back home and they are planning to go to Retrouvaille
  • Caller: Chris in TX doesn’t understand why we have to confess sins to a priest