The Patrick Madrid Show: February 25, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Sheila in DE asks if Patrick was aware that today is the feast of the Holy Face of Jesus
  • Caller: Tobias in NM is 10 years old and asks if Catholics can become spies. He wonders because it seems like it may fall in the category of gossip
  • Caller: Jimmy in CA asks for clarification on receiving Holy Communion. He can’t find the guidelines in text
  • Caller: Adam in IL left the Church when he experienced poor teaching on whether or not Jesus ever sinned
  • Caller: George in CA is a Maronite Catholic and asks why there are different ways of participating in Lent between the Roman and Eastern rites
  • Caller: Aubrey in MN asks why we only eat the bread and not drink the blood, as Jesus instructed in the Bible