The Patrick Madrid Show: February 27, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Police search for person who stole hearse with woman’s body in back from church near Pasadena
  • Senate fails to pass two pro-life bills on same day
  • Caller: Buster in DC asks about Church teaching on lying in the case of self defense, such as when soldiers came to the door of good people hiding Jews during WWII
  • Caller: Victor in CA responds to the news story about the stolen hearse and says to be aware of people who practice Santeria because they may consecrate bodies. He also shares that his wife had an abortion against his will
  • Caller: Scott in AZ asks about the Sunday obligation to attend Mass
  • Caller: Sandy is Protestant and heard Patrick’s show on Tuesday stating that protestants could receive ashes too. So she went to a Catholic Church and was moved to tears
  • Japan to close schools nationwide to control spread of virus