The Patrick Madrid Show: February 28, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Johnson City police offers coronavirus testing for meth in Facebook post
  • Pope Francis, 83, cancels SECOND day of engagements after being taken ill as coronavirus sweeps Italy
  • $3.4 trillion has been wiped out of the stock market in a week
  • Caller: Carol in NJ starts to get angry at Mass when she is distracted by the sign of peace and applause for the band or for someone’s anniversary
  • Caller: Eric in MN says his youth minister is teaching that we most likely evolved from apes, and he is confused because he thought that wasn’t true
  • Caller: Sonia in IL asks the difference between fasting during Lent and fasting during ordinary time
  • Caller: Therese in CA says the current news story about the stolen hearse was actually her mother Jeanne and the mortuary tried to lie to her about it. She tells the rest of the story and says both her and her deceased mother are Relevant Radio supporters