The South Carolina primary

  • Hour 1 of 2-28-20
  • The South Carolina primary is tomorrow, and many are waiting to see if Joe Biden will pull off a win. He is confident he can get a victory since he has many African American voters. But what about Bloomberg and Sen. Sanders? Will they ultimately beat Biden out in the long run? Dr. Daniel Mark gives perspective on this as well as the pro-life movement. Hear what Sen. Klobuchar said last night at the FOX Town Hall, regarding abortion and her pro-choice views.
  • Jason Adkins explains why priests in one diocese are being told that they probably should not vote in the Super Tuesday election next week. This is because the votes they make may not stay private, and they would be asked to explain who they voted for. They would also have to agree with the entire party platform. The Catholic Church does not define itself with one political candidate or party, so the Church leaders need to be discerning in this situation. They are not, however, being told to abstain from voting in the 2020 general election.