200 millionth Memorare

  • Hour 1 of 3-9-20
  • Fr. Rocky is live from Israel to celebrate Relevant Radio getting to the 200 millionth Memorare on the air! Every hour, we have been praying for an end to abortion, and we are seeing the fruits which have come from it. Life is winning, as VP Mike Pence has said. We will see an end to abortion, and we encourage you to continue praying this prayer which came from St. Bernard. Our Lady is interceding for us in amazing ways, and we’ll keep going to 300 million!
  • Dr. Mark Miravalle joins Drew to give a spiritual perspective on the Coronavirus. He acknowledges that the fear and concern may be real, and says that this could be more deadly than the flu. However, we can’t give into this fear and should use this as an opportunity to turn back to God. Get to Confession and receive the Eucharist. The Lord may be allowing this outbreak if it will bring us back to Him.