Coronavirus pandemic

  • Hour 1 of 3-18-20
  • The president has said that FEMA has been fully activated now, as well as the Defense Production Act. He has also halted non essential travel to and from Canada. In a press conference this morning, he was pressed on how much money will be given out to workers, and he says he wants it to be big.
  • How are you handling this crisis right now? Are you experiencing cabin fever? Maybe you’re loving the silence and solitude. Ashley Noronha, our Rome correspondent at Relevant Radio, joined John and Glen in Hour 2 this morning, to talk about life in the quarantine zone right now. Hear part of what she said.
  • Does the virus spread on money? Can you get it twice? Answering your questions with Dr. Bob Tiballi. He is also asked about whether the warm weather will quell this, and he says, right now, it is not apparent that it will.