Anniversary of Schiavo’s death

  • Hour 1 of 3-31-20
  • In a Coronavirus news roundup, get the latest on the fight against what the president calls the “invisible enemy.” Dr. Deborah Birx, the response coordinator, addressed the cases and mortality rates, and she stressed that most states throughout the US are following in the same pattern. Hear what she said along with President Trump and the founder of My Pillow! Have you heard about these massive hospitals which have popped up in NY? An incredible amount of new hospital beds are now available because of this; hear the president’s good news on that. Also, Mike Lindell went off script at yesterday’s press conference and talked about the importance of prayer and reading Scripture in this time. He said that we need to turn our hearts back to Christ! Prayer makes a difference, and we will get through this!
  • Today marks the anniversary of Terry Schiavo’s death. In 2005 she was taken off life support despite her family fighting for her. Her brother joins the show to reflect on this horrific day. He remembers Drew covering the story well and agrees that the culture of death really took hold even more after this. Now, in this COVID crisis we are witnessing the possibility of the elderly being denied proper health care. Can you see the connection with this and the Schiavo case? The state, courts, and government should not be able to decide whether someone lives or dies in these situations, and we as a culture of life need to stand up for the truth. Hear what Bobby Schindler says on this, and you can learn more about his ministry here.
  • As a result of the faithful not being able to get to the Mass or Sacraments as much, some dioceses and religious orders are getting creative. Drive thru confessions, drive up adorations, and other prayer methods are being incorporated throughout the US. Chorbishop Sharbel Maroun joins Drew to share what his churches are doing, including a Palm Sunday procession. Learn more about some of the events here. Read here about how the Blessed Sacrament is being taken to the people.
  • Learn about St. Sharbel! As a young boy he had an incredible piety and a great spiritual hunger. Drew shares a story of when he was a monk and he asked a servant to fill an oil lamp. The servant put water in it instead as a joke, but the lamp still showed a great light. This was taken as a sign that St. Sharbel was ready to live a severe life as a hermit. He only ate one meal a day and had deep devotion to the Eucharist. His legacy encourages us all to never take this gift for granted. The saint continues to work unexplainable miracles! Get the full story on this, and hear how his body has been perfectly preserved!