Ask Steve Ray and Fr. Chris Alar

  • Hour 3 of 3-6-20
  • If you have lost a loved one through suicide, the Church does not teach that they have gone straight to hell. God reaches out to the hardened sinner even after his or her death, and He gives them a second chance. Fr. Chris Alar is in to give you hope and a message of mercy. He reminds you that no sin is greater than the mercy of God, except for the sin of refusing the mercy of God. Hear more of what he has to say.
  • Steve Ray is also in to talk about St. Joseph. He reinforces the masculinity of the earthly father of Jesus, and adds that too often he is portrayed as effeminate. We are called to imitate his example of fatherhood and manhood and we should be true witnesses for Christ in this secular world. He answers questions about the Prodigal Son, marrying someone outside the Church, and he gives his take on the Coronavirus.