Keeping the Sabbath holy in this time

  • Hour 3 of 3-27-20
  • The president signed the stimulus package and this has been put into law. How quickly it gets put into effect remains to be seen. Drew looks at the provisions which will help hospitals and the elderly specifically. There are some older people who have COVID and are not receiving care, (60 plus.) Instead, the younger are being given priority. This is scary and is already happening in the US. How do they decide who gets the necessary treatment? Rep. Peter Breen joins the show to talk about health care rationing.
  • Since you probably can’t go to Mass this Sunday physically, what are you doing to keep the Sabbath holy? We hope you are streaming it online. Things are so different this Lent, but we are still commanded to make God the number one priority. Fr. Mark Baron shares his perspective. He says that “our faith can never be suspended,” and God can always work outside of the ordinary way of going about the sacraments. He says “Now is the time to really buckle down and really enter into living out your faith, but it’s going to take on a different mode.”