Chaplet/Cong. Lipinski as a pro-life Democrat

  • Hour 2 of 3-10-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Ed and Jake talk about this past Sunday’s Gospel relating to the Transfiguration. Ed relates this story to Back to the Future 2, in which we learn that the choices we make determine our future, and we can choose whether or not we want to be transfigured into the person of Christ. Jake adds that the Eucharist gives us the grace to have that real conversion and transformation in our lives. We must reject fear and trust that the Lord will provide for us.
  • What would it be like to be a pro-life Democrat? Cong. Dan Lipinski can tell you all about it! As a Catholic politician in IL, he faces the battle of being a pro-life Democrat in a very liberal state, but he speaks truth well there. He shares his story of how he felt the calling to serve in politics, and talks about how he sees faith and politics working together in the modern era. He reminds us that we must be Catholics first, and allow our faith to determine our political stances. The beauty of our faith is that reasonable Catholics can disagree on many issues like gun control and immigration; we must always seek the common good and maintain respectful dialogue with those people in the pew who might disagree with what we say. We must always champion life first and foremost and work to bring about the end to abortion, whether we are Democrat, Republican, or independent.