Chaplet/Year of St. Joseph

  • Hour 2 of 3-5-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Drew tells you about the Consecration to St. Joseph from Fr. Don Calloway. Now is the time for St. Joseph! He can help you with whatever problem you are facing, and for men, he can show you how important it is to be a dad or spiritual father! His wisdom is needed now more than ever! Drew shares stories of how St. Joseph has interceded in ways that are truly miraculous, including a woman who was about to give up meeting a spouse. She turned to St. Joseph and he worked in amazing ways. Get this story and more.
  • Michael O’Neill, the Miracle Hunter, previews his upcoming show this Sunday. He is on Sunday at noon ET/9PT. He will be telling you about a computer programming teen named Carlo Acutis! He passed away in 2006, and is set to be beatified in Assisi.