Congress & Coronavirus; Supreme Court & Abortion Case Actions & Reactions; Pro-Lifers & Unity 3.5.20

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise: Two very different rallies on steps of Supreme Court about Louisiana abortion law case, Cong. Scalise addressed pro-life crowd, Sen. Schumer addressed abortion rally issuing threat to two Justices; House passage of coronavirus Emergency Supplemental to fund response efforts

Harold Cassidy: Abortion law expert working on case to challenge Roe reports on oral arguments in Supreme Court on Louisiana case, what he heard in the courtroom; what’s important about the Louisiana case for the one needed to eventually overturn Roe

Jason Jones: Calling on pro-life citizens to unify and engage in actions locally & nationally to pray and work for end to abortion; major prayer event to outdo Planned Parenthood fundraising event; collective call to contact elected reps about important, common sense legislation