Coronavirus update

  • Hour 1 of 3-10-20
  • Dr. Bob Tiballi provides an update on the Coronavirus. While we can’t give into panic or fear, we should take this outbreak seriously and use prudential judgment. Dr. Tiballi talks about the potential spread it could have in the states and is asked about when it is smart to take your kids out of school for a few weeks. He says that it really depends on where you are in the US right now. Ed Morrissey talks about how he came in close potential contact with someone who might have had it, but assures listeners he is OK.
  • Dr. Anne Hendershott reacts to a silly article which was written in the NY Times which said that married couples could learn things from those in same-sex relationships. This is not a well written article, and Dr. Hendershott explains that there are many false claims made. She says that the article doesn’t admit that lesbian marriages can often result in violent altercations. Hear more of what she has to say on this, and how we can boldly proclaim the truth of what marriage was meant to be, and why kids deserve both a mom and a dad. You can read Dr. Hendershott’s rebuttal here.