Dealing with anxiety in this time

  • Hour 3 of 3-18-20
  • Are you struggling with a lot of anxiety in this time? With fears of the virus and an overall uncertainty as to where things will go, it can be easy to have escalated uneasiness. Such peace comes when you pray and put your trust in God. Is your anxiety doubled today? Be sure to double down in prayer. Dr. Leonard Sax has advice for you.
  • Sadly, one of the few pro-life politicians in the Democratic Party did not get reelected. Cong. Dan Lipinski of IL has been a target of Planned Parenthood, and he lost his seat this week. He says that he has been one of the few to champion life in his party, and now there are less pro-life champions. We need to pray for more! Kristen Day of Democrats for Life shares her thoughts.