End of the World, Worldwide Prayer, Cabin Fever, Second Sign 3.23.20

  • Why do we continually try to predict the end of the world? It’s a great grace/blessing to not know when the world will end. God doesn’t ask us to live in fear; he says, “do not fear/do not be afraid.”
  • Prayer v Pandemic: Father explains our worldwide prayer campaign to unite in prayer for an end to the coronavirus pandemic. Do we minimize the effect of St. Joseph in our lives? St. Julian Eymard says St. Joseph is “all powerful.”
  • Father Matthew shares advice from an astronaut: how to survive isolation (in quarantine). Tips on how to reduce anxiety in a world full of change. Are we living in right relationship with God?
  • How do we witness and share the good news of Christ, in isolation? Today’s gospel reminds us, today is an opportunity to learn holiness and grow in this particular experience.