Evangelization in the time of Coronavirus

  • Hour 3 of 3-13-20
  • The president has declared a national emergency as a result of COVID-19. He is asking for 50 billion dollars to fight against this, and he is also requesting states to set up emergency operation centers. Google will form a website up which will provide you with valuable information and resources. President Trump says not everyone will need testing, but acknowledges that it will be necessary for those who believe they are at risk. Hear his words along with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the central Coronavirus expert and Dr. Deborah Birx as well. President Trump will also probably get testing for this.
  • Dr. Bob Tiballi provides his commentary and expertise. He admits that he has been very nervous about Coronavirus, but he has been very confident and reassured after hearing the president’s words today. The action and leadership has given him hope that our nation is on the right path. Joe Tremblay joins Drew to give spiritual perspective. He talks about his own son who is in Europe right now and asks Dr. Tiballi about his safety. Tremblay also invites us to embrace joy, hope, and to give the world the good news we possess in Christ. Society needs the Church to step up right now and to be a voice of reason, security, and peace. Let’s live with hope as Catholics and witness to Christ in these times.