Fatherhood of St. Joseph, Overview Effect, Resilience, Called & Equipped 3.19.20

  • Joseph was the father of Jesus — Mary referred to him as such, “Your father and I have been looking for you.” Joseph (Son of David) transferred his Davidic line to Jesus. Young, strong, virtuous: the greatest husband possible for Mary.
  • Lessons in perspective from astronauts: with a bird’s eye view of the planet, astronauts see the earth as fragile. As Christians, our knowledge of Jesus Christ changes our perspective in the world.
  • How’s your coronavirus quarantine going? Are you ready to crack or able to bounce back with resilience? Hope: a habit in the Christian life that influences our ability to survive difficult circumstances.
  • Joseph is a special perfect example of someone being called to a lofty vocation…and being equipped by God with the graces to do the job.