Financial bailout

  • Hour 1 of 3-26-20
  • A 2 trillion dollar relief package has been voted upon by Congress and Senate and it will serve to be a much needed financial benefit to workers who are out of a job right now. Speaker Nancy Pelosi explained in a press conference that she wanted it to favor workers, not corporations. Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin said the checks should be out in about 3 weeks, through direct deposit for most. Dr. Jay Richards joins the show to give his analysis.
  • Msgr Stuart Swetland stops by to talk about the COVID-19 decree regarding the celebration of the Easter Triduum. Pope Francis has also said that he would allow a general absolution. What does that mean and what does it require? Msgr Swetland explains this and what it means to have perfect and imperfect contrition. He says that we should at least go into Confession with a sincere concern of going to hell for our sins, but perfect contrition involves a true sadness of offending God.