Go Ask Your Father March 5th – Faith in God

Msgr Swetland shares with you an update on TV Game Show Host Alex Trebek and his fight with cancer. Trebek is one year into treatment and spoke of his faith in God and prayer as a way of staying strong through hard times.


Caller Question – What is the best Catholic translation of the bible?

Caller Question – Is birth control a sin?

Caller Question – What does Msgr Swetland know about the group “Catholics for Choice”?

Caller Question – He is 80 years old, does he still need to abstain from meat on Friday’s?

Caller Question – Is holding hands during the Our Father a Protestant tradition?

Caller Question – Do Holy Water receptacles have to blessed in order to use them?

Catechetical Corner – Honoring the Sabbath

Caller Question – What are the similarities between Babylonian myths and what is in the Old Testament?