Go Ask Your Father March 6th – Being a Hero

Are you ready to be a hero? Msgr Swetland shares with you a story of a man who was a hero for a mother and her child, when he saved the child from a burning car.


Caller Question – Are Moses, Elijah, and Enoch all Saints?

Caller Question – In the story of the Transfiguration, why did Jesus only take up 3 disciples and not all 12?

Caller Question – How are scapulars not seen as a lucky rabbits foot?

Caller Question – Can the Infant of Prague statue be seen as prosperity gospel?

Caller Question – Who was Tobias?

Caller Question – Is the fact that she left the Church and act of rebellion?

Caller Question – What to do if your bishops tell you to receive the Eucharist in the hand due to the Corona virus?

Catechetical Corner – Forgiveness

Caller Question – Why do priest wear certain colored vestments?