Go Ask Your Father March 9th – A Growing Church

Msgr Swetland shares with you a story of how the faith is growing. In Cleveland Texas, new Catholic Churches are opening to serve the growing amount of Catholics in the area.


Caller Question – Her sister is in the hospital and needs a feeding tube. Can she speak on behalf of her sister?

Caller Question – Is there life in another universe?

Caller Question – How can she explain that Catholics have the true Eucharist?

Caller Question – What does the Church teach about marriage when a spouse is unfaithful?

Caller Question – Where does the word Lent come from?

Caller Question – How can she go about finding an exorcist?

Caller Question – How can the Orthodox Church have valid orders if they aren’t in communion with Rome?

Catechetical Corner – Vocation

Caller Question – How do fear and love go together?