Humility, Surrender, Flashback to 04, Pandemic Etiquette & Closeness of God 3.18.20

  • The Feast of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary begins at tonight’s vigil. Humility is the first attribute of one who adores Jesus. It was because of his humility, St. Joseph was able to serve Jesus.
  • Spiritual director of St. Padre Pio, Father Dolindo Ruotolo and the Surrender Novena Prayer. Are you surrendering to God or hanging on to control?
  • 2004 Tsunami: Father Matthew recalls story of two month old child found and claimed by multiple families. When the current pandemic is past, will we value life any more? How will this challenge our attitudes about the dignity of human life?
  • It feels rude to wipe down a surface after another person; or to move out of a person’s space for social distance; we do these things out of love for the other person. Today’s readings remind us: there is nobody who has Jesus closer to them, than we. God reveals his closeness by sharing laws, statutes, and decrees.