Increased Interest in Religion, Faith & Prayer, Lessons, Moses & Seraph Serpent 3.31.20

  • The coronavirus pandemic has shown a spike in searches for prayer. Exploring the CCC 2566: prayer in light of the Old Testament. Prayer is the way we try to connect with the Divine; God initiates the communication.
  • Faith and prayer are intertwined. We are called to pray on behalf of others; we are called to imitate Moses in mediation/praying for others. Psalms express every sentiment of the human heart and can focus our attention on the needs of others.
  • Visits to the Blessed Sacrament: the help needed before each St. Joseph’s Workshop. “Lord, may you increase and I decrease.” If we don’t make those spiritual steps each day, how will we let the beauty of the gospel shine through? St. Joseph can teach us how to pray (he taught Jesus, afterall).
  • Update on a story from Italy; today’s readings recall Moses and the seraph serpent.