Lesson 16: Alleluia

Listen to today’s Lenten Lesson.

I know at least one word in Hebrew, and it’s Alleluia!

Hi, this is Fr. Rocky, with our Sixteenth Lenten Lesson on the Mass.

After sitting for a while, it’s time for everyone to stand up, get the blood running again, fill up your lungs with air, and sing out Alleluia!  It’s the Hebrew word which literally means “Praise the Lord.”  We stand up because the most important reading is about to be read out loud. That’s the Gospel.

I’ll never forget when a thousand voices and musicians sang Handel’s Alleluia Chorus from the Messiah at St. Josemaria’s canonization in 2002. Talk about magnificent and inspiring praise!

We sing the Alleluia before the Gospel, except in Lent. On weekdays, if not sung, the Alleluia may be omitted.

Don’t you find it fascinating that Jesus would have sung the Alleluia (it’s a Hebrew word, after all) in the Synagogue in Nazareth on the Sabbath when he was a youngster? It literally means “Praise Yahweh.”

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