Making vaccines compulsory

  • Hour 3 of 3-10-20
  • Fr. Tad Pacholczyk jumps into the conversation of vaccines and religious exemptions. Some parents claim that vaccines pose a harmful risk for their kids and they ask for an exemption on getting one. In Maine, this was a question posed on the election ballot, as NPR reports.  Should these be forced upon people who don’t want them?  Some callers add that they raise issue with the argument that vaccines are completely safe. Hear what Father says in response. ‘
  • Andrew Malcolm joins Ed for pre-primary analysis. States like Michigan, North Dakota, and Washington are now toss ups for Sen. Bernie Sanders or Biden. Malcolm says that Biden may get the votes but people may lose interest in the general election. Biden has spent much time campaigning in Detroit with Sen. Harris and Sen. Booker, so we will see if this helps him for now. What is interesting that Sen. Sanders and Biden both cancelled their rallies in Cleveland, which might be due to the Coronavirus.