Raising Strong Children in a Toxic Culture; Protecting Yourself in a Global Pandemic 3.10.20

  • Dr. Meg Meeker:  Raising a strong daughter in a toxic culture; gender is questioned, toxic feminism is rampant, victimhood is celebrated, social media addictions distort self-image; seems impossible to raise a daughter with good morals, strong faith, love for parents, understands self-worth; it’s never too late.
  • Msgr. Stuart Swetland: Part II coronavirus conversation; be calm, prayerful and prudent, take precautions; know your diocese’s directives for Mass safeguards & follow them; resist gossip & hearsay; access sound medical, spiritual resources to protect your health in body and soul. https://relevantradio.com/listen/our-shows/go-ask-father/





36:50 listening to the mass or watching on television…allows one to make a spiritual communion..it doesn’t replace the Sunday obligation. In many places it’s being mitigated to curb the spread of infection